• Businesses need great frontline resource because they are the face of the organization. However, hiring this kind of frontline resource is a challenge. For such multiple, entry-level positions in your organization, we have a specialist Bulk Hiring team that comes equipped with technology-driven processes and established relationships.

  • To Deal with the professionals during Bulk Hiring one needs to go through a number of permutations and combinations while opting for mass recruitment. The process includes a lot of management tasks viz., looking after the entire recruitment needs of the client, arranging walk-in/ drives, along with providing best sourcing strategies to stay competitive

  • With more than decade of experience in Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment we have creditable experience in Sourcing, Screening and Selection process of huge no. of prospective candidates for various Organizations India who are Multinationals and Internationals.

Our strategy:

 Planning and preparation:

  • To meet the challenge of Bulk Hiring, we start with planning and preparation in advance, and by following a few key steps, the hiring and on-boarding challenge can be met, ensuring your company is able to meet the staffing and business challenges it now faces.


Our strength:

Strong team force


  • We have a dedicated member team of experienced “Bulk hiring  experts” and enthusiastic youngsters with strong on-field experience in Bulk hiring . Our “Bulk hiring  experts” have got strong networks that help them to achieve target.

  • For every Bulk hiring  process we build database based on the agreed terms with the client, which will be arrived only after thorough study of the Industry norms, Management preference and Local viability.